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It’s not always easy to predict what new trends in design will dominate and drive the user experience in the upcoming year. Thousands of websites and mobile apps have already come and gone for the past year. So, before rolling into the new year, we can analyze what things have already succeeded and get ourselves prepared for the upcoming UX design trends to enhance end-user satisfaction in 2019.

Gestures are the new black

Gestures are the new black

On-screen buttons are becoming obsolete, even although, initially users experienced some frustration getting used to gesture-based controls as they are not visible. Gestures are gradually replacing current on-screen buttons, that’s why more and more companies have been introducing gadgets with gestures instead of a static multi-purpose home button. All these swiping up, down, sides, long swipe give different options and let people initially understand each gesture which is being operated on top of their display. UX designers can try to reuse common human skills of their hands and even facial gestures in mobile app design and apply it to a broad range of users.


Foldable display smartphonesFoldable display smartphones

Smartphones with foldable displays are no longer seem like a dream and the recent prototypes have proved they are close to reality. Companies are already gearing up to introduce first in the market gadgets trying to become pioneers in the foldable display smartphone industry. That is why UX designers should speed up to get adapted to the hybrid design for the views in foldable smartphones.



Augmented Reality is everywhereAugmented Reality is everywhere

The ability to modify the real world to imagery isn’t just useful for gaming applications. Some e-commerce companies already have their own AR-based apps that let their customers experiment with their products and see what they would look like before making a purchase.
In 2019 the role of UX Designers will go beyond screen-only interfaces. We can expect the innovative apps that will provide physical interactions, or moreover, will be able to anticipate a user’s next move or query, which can become increasingly appealing to users.


Biometric authenticationsBiometric authentications

Facial or voice recognition, fingerprints, or an iris scan aren’t just a part of the spy movie plot anymore.
Conceptually, biometrics isn’t a new technology, but it is becoming more accessible. Products that include biometric-based technology will definitely overtake traditional login requirements, as it’s a distinct and unique form of personal identification. In 2019, UX designers should get more use of biometrics for authentication and identity management purposes. It’s something that can also boost security for both end-users and businesses that incorporate this technology into their applications.

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