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There are a lot of designers moving to Sketch.

The tool has become a regular competitor to the traditional program for drawing mockups, Adobe Photoshop. Both tools have pretty robust functionality, but whereas Photoshop is more like a Swiss Army knife when it comes to design, Sketch is made specifically for user interface design.

designers moving to SketchAnd that’s something designers like.

While there’s no right or wrong software choice, many webs designers are making a move to Sketch. If it’s something you’ve considered here’s everything you need to know to help you make the move.


One Screen or Many?
The landscape of website and mobile application design is changing quickly. There was a time when everyone had a website design.

Not anymore.

Most website designs are actually layers of multiple website designs that all render on different devices at different sizes.

Needless to say, it has gotten pretty complicated.

That’s where Sketch comes in. The web design app tool is made to help designers and developers create for multiple screens at the same time, using an intuitive set of tools that is just for UI design.

Sketch vs. Photoshop
So, what are the big differences between Sketch and Photoshop?

Sketch is a digital design tool for Mac users. The relatively new software was developed by Bohemian Coding and first released in 2008. The complete software package is $99 and includes everything you need to create interfaces, websites or icons in a pixel-perfect vector format.

Adobe Photoshop has been around for a long time – decades – and has been the go-to tool for designers to edit images, design website or app mockups, create three-dimensional artwork, make GIFs and pretty much anything you can imagine. The software package works on Macs, PCs and has lightweight mobile apps. It comes as part of the Creative Cloud licensing program, which for a standalone version is about $10 per month.

Here are a few of the major differences between Sketch and Photoshop:

  • Direct canvas prototyping: Photoshop allows you to draw a mockup. You can make and do anything you want, but Sketch allows you to work on desktop and mobile versions simultaneously with the Craft plugin. Plus, it is interactive. Winner = Sketch.
  • Vector vs. raster: Sketch is a vector-based design program (think Illustrator for the web). Photoshop is a raster-based program. You just can’t beat the look of vector formatting and with more screens at higher resolutions all the time, the old 72 dpi standard just won’t cut it. No matter how you cut it, vector designs are sharper, cleaner and just look better. Winner = Sketch.
  • File size: Not only is Sketch lightweight to run, it also creates much smaller files. Photoshop is big and powerful, but that pushes out to file sizing. Many Photoshop files are four times as big as the Sketch equivalents. This is a big deal when you want to create something that will load lightning fast. Winner = Sketch.
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