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NASSCOM® Design4India Design Awards aims to spur innovation with a focus being on technology product design, that is simple yet builds a powerful product and exemplifies Experience Design.

We’re currently in our first edition, and we’re pleased to announce that applications are now open for the NASSCOM® Design4India Design Awards 2018. Go ahead – if you think you’re a digital design-led organisation/ professional, you couldn’t ask for a better opportunity to tell the world about it.

Design Awards Design Awards



Important Dates

design awards design awards
Design Awards
Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards



Participating Companies should be Small to Medium Enterprises or Large Enterprises/Startups/Design Studios/Non-Profit Organisations:

  • Primarily originated or driven from India (Founder and / delivery teams are based in India)

Participating Students should be:

  • Indian residents; and
  • Students should be enrolled full-time program at a college/ university in India

Designs Submissions:

  • The entry submitted for the NASSCOM® Design4India Design Awards has to be designed for India/designed in India/marketed in India in the calendar year of 2017 or 2018
  • Design must be fully commissioned and available in market for usage at the time of entry; prototypes will not be acceptable for participating companies
  • The entries must comply with the mandatory applicable standards for the given entry. Incomplete entries will not qualify and hence it will not be accepted
  • For Student Award Category, individuals or a team of students can apply

Note: If you have designed and developed a product for a client/third party, we would like you to share the authorisation letter in the application.

Design Awards



Products designed with the aim to provide end-users supreme experience and quality, and value-add to life through Web Technologies.
Products designed with the aim to provide end-users supreme experience and quality, and value-add to life through Mobile Technologies (not to include any AR/VR/XR).
Specific products that are designed and deployed as Hardware, Software and/or Platforms on Immersive Technologies.
Connected & Intelligence
Products that enable the growth in usage and adoption of Connectivity and Intelligence such as IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.
Digital Ergonomic Products
Products that demonstrate Revolutionary design on new/existing products, with the potential to be market disruptors.
Design Awards
Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards



Jury will use the following representative criteria for evaluation:

How does this product/concepts and out against the next best competitor(s) from the perspective of value-added etc.?
What level of innovation has been observed in the solution delivery of the product?
How does the product ensure sustainability of the environment, society, and the peoples?
What is the level of creativity observed in the product/solution from a thought-process, delivery, and overall appeal?
User friendliness (Usability & Functionality)
What is the ease-of-adoption for the end-user group with the solution?
What is the level of positive visual appeal of the product from the end-user perspective?
Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards



Illustrious Jury Panel

Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards



So, what do the winners get to take home? Winners of NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards will benefit in multiple ways. NASSCOM being an apex body makes the awards granted through NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards of a value. In addition, the winners will benefit in the following manner:

  • Felicitation – All winners will be felicitated at NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2018 ceremony on 25th September 2018 at JW Marriott, Bengaluru
  • Award Logo – Winners will be provided with a digital award badge, which can be used for marketing purposes for one year
  • Reward – Adobe Creative Cloud for winners
    Make it. Creative Cloud.
    Creative Cloud gives you the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps, from essentials like Photoshop CC to next-generation tools like Adobe XD CC. You also get built-in templates to jump-start your designs and step-by-step tutorials to sharpen your skills and get up to speed quickly. It’s everything you need to create, collaborate and get inspired.
  • Feature – Winners will be showcased on the NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards portal
  • Media Publicity – The organizers will promote the NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2018 and winning entries in the media
Design Awards Design Awards Design Awards
Design Awards



Submitting an application for NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2018 indicates that the applicant agrees to following terms and conditions:

  • NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards reserves the right to refuse entry of products/services that do not comply with any or all applicable eligibility criteria
  • NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards also reserves the right to withdraw the award at any time, even after it being granted if it is found that the information supplied was incorrect
  • The decision of the jury is final, and no correspondence will be entertained post the announcement of results
  • All material and accompanying documentation must be submitted in clear written English
  • All submitted material, including images and documentation, must be made available to NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards for use in publicity material, exhibitions etc. Please note that images might be supplied to the media for further publication and promotion
  • Participating students agree that by submitting an entry, he or she allows the use of his or her project data, name, likeness, and/or voice in publicity or advertising relating to the award showcase without compensation
  • By submitting an application to the NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards, the applicant is agreeing to the above-mentioned terms and conditions of entry

Disclaimer: NASSCOM Design4India is an open platform to showcase new talent and will not misuse the entries of participating Companies/Startups/Design Studios/Non-Profits/Students.





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