NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2019

NASSCOM Design4India Design Summit 2019

Disruption Without Design?

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In a world as competitive as ours, the products you see in the market all use more-or-less similar underlying tech. What makes one stand out from another, is the way they approach their users, how well they enable people to use the underlying tech and how deeply they understand the people who will use their products.

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NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards Rewards

NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards: Rewards & Relevance to Participants

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Design Awards are a prominent part of the design landscape. The established platform is an important vehicle for the promotion of design excellence and its dissemination to a wider audience. It offers opportunities for young designers that are not always available through other selection methods. Several significant designers and agencies have launched their careers because their designs were selected as the winning schemes.

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Kumar Ahir at NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2019

“I personally have grown as a professional by learning, networking, and sharing my knowledge with the community through this platform” – Kumar Ahir

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NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards is a culmination of exemplary designers, their work across
verticals, and the industry. The Design4India initiative is an excellent platform that brings the industry and design community together where we can learn from each other’s successes and failures.

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Alain Lonay at NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2019

“The designer must not only be the creative spark that gives shape to a product, but a force continuously pushing for improvements in all its aspects” – Alain Lonay

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An honest design should not use an unnecessary amount of resource for no purpose, nor add
functions for no reason: a 2 ton electric car with a fancy and useless door opening system is
not changing the world in a positive way, nor does a connected toaster or musical toothbrush.
But above all, a good design is a connection between its designer and user: no matter how
much CAD, AI or artificial tool is used.

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GV Sreekumar NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2019

What is good design?

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The word “Design” is also a term with lots of blurred boundaries. As far as I know, I have not come across a definition, which can explain to the layperson what is “design”. There are thousands of definitions of the word “design”, but none of them can explain an activity which, according to me, encompasses the creation of everything around us.

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