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Storymaking, LEGO® brick assembling, team-building and a whole lot of deciphering hidden metaphors! We were ecstatic to organise the “LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®: Playshop On Innovation and Design for Global Leaders” on 4th December 2019, Bangalore and 27 November 2019, Delhi. 

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a facilitation methodology that lets you build 3-dimensional models of your ideas through LEGO bricks. You are given 5-10 minutes to build your model and narrate stories around it. The short time-span pushes you to immediately take action and channel your thinking towards one focused direction. This methodology helps organisations solve real business problems and identify growth opportunities. 

We brought in our Design Coaches Masao Ishihara, Trainer-Facilitator, LSP; Murugappan, Co-founder, PlayThinkTransform; and Laxman Murugappan, Founder, PlayThinkTransform, to conduct this exciting playshop.

Here are 4 key takeaways from the playshop:

1. Explore varying types of imagination 

The facilitator instructs you to build LEGO models that represent your perception on topics like trust, innovation, customer experience and imagination. The brick building process forces you to think through your hands, structures your thought-process and breaks habitual thinking. This new approach enables you to leverage the power of imagination and churn out creative LEGO models that represent your views on critical problems. The playshop exercises 4 types of imagination: descriptive imagination, creative imagination, challenging imagination and strategic imagination.

2. Connect with team members to create a more sustainable business

The LEGO models you create are packed with metaphors that reveal your hidden character traits. As you narrate stories around your model, your team members get to understand your core personality. With this newfound bond, team members feel free to exchange dynamic viewpoints on a given problem and come up with effective solutions. The LEGO building process facilitates better communication, emotional connect and problem-solving abilities between team members.

3. Transform “lean back-ward meetings” to “lean forward meetings”

The playshop is a creative way to discover collective intelligence within your team. In the chaos that dominates corporate meetings today, some team members don’t get the chance to voice out their opinions in the boardroom. The LEGO brick building process takes the focus away from people and instead puts the focus on LEGO models. This allows members of all ages and positions in the organisation to participate in the discussion without inhibition.

4. The value of the Third Way of Innovation theory

The playshop takes you through a case study on Dr. David Robertson’s “Third Way of Innovation” theory and how you can apply this theory to your own organisation. The theory highlights multiple low-risk, high-reward approaches to innovate an organisation’s key product and achieve competitive advantage. The Third Way of Innovation helps reinvent organisations for growth and brings in better margins.

In overall, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® debugs and improves thinking. It institutionalises the culture of innovation, fends off disruptions and positions organisations as market leaders. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, design practitioners and design faculty who attended the playshop learnt to blend design with innovation and create transformative value for themselves and for their organisations. 

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